DOM-35A Specification Sheet


DOM-35A - Digital Orientation Module

The DOM-35A is a precision Digital Orientation Module, designed for direct compatibility with existing Tensor MWD systems and after-market replacement modules. The sensor is available in 150 and 175°C options and is designed to meet the most demanding and extreme conditions downhole. You can rely on Azimuth’s consistent high quality sensor performance when you need it most.

The sensor is based around high-grade quartz-hinge Accelerometers and an ultra-stable proprietary Magnetometer design, known as TruMag™ - the performance of which is unmatched in stability over temperature, shock and vibration. Coupled with high-temperature electronics and highly robust packaging, Azimuth delivers a premium Orientation Module, thoroughly tested and with industry leading performance – ready to improve your reliability in hole.




  • Rugged chassis design

  • Reliable 175°C operation

  • Ultra-stable proprietary Magnetometers

  • High-temperature surface mount electronics
  • On-board Analog to Digital Converter
  • On-board EEPROM K-Factor storage
  • Low power consumption
  • Independent Mag and Accel switching



  • Drop-in Tensor replacement
  • MWD/LWD Borehole Surveying
  • OEM implementation in new MWD systems


  • Increased MTBF

  • Reliable operation in ‘hothole’ environment

  • Experienced and dedicated support team

  • Industry leading accuracy and stability

  • Improved asset utilization and less ‘down-time’


Custom Features


A full set of Physical, Electrical and Environmental specifications are shown overleaf.

  • In summary:

  • Dimensions 29.2” Length x 1.378” Dia.

  • +/-13V (Nominal) Input voltage

  • Connectors – 21-pin MDM (Plug) Top and 15-pin MDM (Socket) Bottom

  • 10 Bypass wires

  • 12-Bit Analog to Digital Converter on-board

  • 175°C operation and 185°C Survival

  • Tested in excess of 20grms Random vibration

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